Friday, October 8, 2010


This is been a favorite fruit of the kids..Xmas is incomplete without this fruit. Besides this fruit has a lot of is good when somebody got sick. According to research it is rich in vitamins ans minerals. picture of apple The old saying “ to eat an apple going to bed, will make the doctor beg his bread” has been justified by its many health-rich properties. A member of the rose family, fossil remains have shown that apples were gathered and stored 5,000 years ago and it’s likely that they were already cultivated during the Neolithic times. Apples are excellent detoxifiers and apple juice can destroy viruses in the body.


this fruit sounds great on my hearing..It seems so yummy! i did not know yet how it taste but one thing i know is that it taste good. Strawberry fruits are aggregates made up of several small fruits, each with one seed called an achene. The flesh of the strawberry is actually an enlarged receptacle, non-reproductive material. In addition to vitamin C, strawberries also provide an excellent source of vitamin K and manganese, as well as folic acid, potassium, riboflavin, vitamin B5, vitamin B6, copper, magnesium, and omega-3 fatty acids.


This fruit is a family of berry..It shapes like a grapes but it does not taste as it is. It is one of the favorites of the mountainous children. It is also considered as the forgotten fruit. After you eat this berry type fruit your teeth turns to violet so be careful in eating. It is sweet when it is ripe but bitter if it is not.

Duhat seeds have come into prominence in recent years on account of their suggested value in the treatment of diabetes. Because of the remarkable physiological property of reducing the quantity of sugar attributed to duhat seeds, and the conflicting reports in the literature, the seeds were subjected to more critical chemical analyses by Power and Callan. They summarize the results of their investigation as follows:

A preliminary examination of the seed showed it contained neither an alkaloid nor an enzyme, but an abundance of starch and tannin.

An alcoholic extract of the seed, when distilled in a current of steam, yielded a small amount of pale yellow essential oil, while possessed the following constants:

d 20°/20° = 0.9258; - 2° 51’ in a 50 mm. Tube.


Chico is believed to be native to Yucatan and possibly other nearby parts of southern Mexico, as well as northern Belize and northeastern Guatemala. It was introduced long ago throughout tropical America and the West Indies and the southern part of the Florida mainland. Chico is a prolific tree. It bears fruit most months of the year and can be grown in many parts of the country. Even during harvest peaks, chico can still command good market price. Chico fruit are eaten fresh when ripe. They may also be pulped and used for making ice cream or jam. Although a poor source of vitamin C, the fruit a bounds in calcium, phosphorus and iron. The bark produces a milky latex, the source of chicle (a major ingredients of chewing gum), that we still import from Mexico and Central America. Lumber from chico wood can also be used in the manufacture of the cabinets and furniture.


My aunt has this fruit. It does not grow taller like many other tress. It taste good and when i was a kid i'm very fond of eating this forgotten fruit of the tropical. Siningwelas – It is a greenish brown small fruit always eaten raw with salt because of its sourer flavor than sweetness. It shape like a grapes but it is medium hard. It grows like a lanzones where the fruits grows on the trunks.


Tiesa – It is a squashy tangerine fruit. It is rich in niacin and carotene with a fair amount of Vitamin C this fruit defer in sizes and shape. It is considered forgotten fruit but it taste good. Some considered this fruit as wild and they did not like the taste. Whatever this comments are,still this fruit is God given gift! It is still pride of the Philippines and give satisfaction especially to the children in mountainous region.


There's a lot of stories behind theses fruits. Filipinos has a legendary story that they used to tell in their grandchildren. I have also read about the story and it takes time to tell. Macopa is a crunchy fruit about the size of a tomato. When unripe, it is pink in color. When ripe it is shiny red. Most notable is its bell-shape figure that inspired this myth on how this fruit came to be. This is also considered as the forgotten fruit of the tropical. Forgotten but delicious fruit and pride of the Philippines.